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Who We Are

The Philippine Collegian is the official student publication of the University of the Philippines Diliman. Since the birth of the Collegian in 1922, generations of writers have dipped their pens into the inkwell of society racked with vicissitudes. The Collegian was a party in their efforts to resolve the varied inequities of the times with articles that seared and commentaries that burned. It is imperative that we turn the page to remind us of the efforts of those who came before us. Though the Collegian retains the singular distinction of being the most illustrious campus paper in the country, there is no single Collegian. Each generation names its own foes. The process of writing, subversive as it is, fords the inter-generational divide. Such exercise puts one upon inquiry, the starting point of advocacy. When one writes, one requires breathing space: the right to dissect any topic under the sun and in the domain of heaven, and the right not to be interfered with in so doing. The practice of interrogating accepted modes of thinking and overturning paradigms breeds criticism of the powers that be. (From "Disturbing the Peace," a history of the Philippine Collegian published in February 14, 1996)

Editorial Board

The editors of the Philippine Collegian speak for the whole publication, providing a view of the world based on its institutional tradition as a mainstay of the Philippine democratic left.

Rona Pizarro


Rona Pizarro is a senior political science student. She is the current editor-in-chief of the Philippine Collegian.

Gretle C. Mago

Associate Editor

Isang mag-aaral ng BA Filipino at Panitikan ng Pilipinas si Gretle Mago. Sumali siya sa Philippine Collegian taong 2021 bilang manunulat sa Kultura Section.

Sean Marcus Ingalla

Managing Editor

Sean Marcus Ingalla is a student of BA Philosophy at the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy. He started writing in the Collegian’s features section in 2022.

Daniel Sebastianne Daiz

News Editor

Daniel Sebastianne Daiz is a theoretical physics student at the National Institute of Physics who joined the publication in 2019. He led the Philippine Collegian in its centennial year.

Andrea Medina

Layout Editor

Andrea Medina is a student of BS Chemical Engineering. She started designing for the Collegian in 2021.

Staff Members

Johnson Santos Jr.

News Writer

Ryan Maltezo

Features Writer

Gie Rodenas


Our Core Values

As a paper with a social vision and purpose, the Philippine Collegian cannot be but radical. To the uninitiated, reality would seem unreal. Political repression and economic violence appear like extremists’ terms for those born with silver spoons in their mouths and fed daily with comfortable illusions. Radicalism makes reality real by making it obvious. What the world kills and buries, radicalism unearths and uses as evidence for the former’s indictment. It is power through knowledge. We change reality in accordance with our knowledge of it. We demand justice only when we find out there is injustice. We struggle for freedom when we become conscious of our unfreedom. The Philippine Collegian starts with the premise that politicization is achieved through endearment in both the dimensions of form and content. The paper’s claim of being a social critic must be made more concrete by a radical criticism of the entire society, the whole array of forces and tendencies that either conserve or reject it. In order to be listened to, the Philippine Collegian must be a voice, not an echo. Being partisan does not mean a one-dimensional, one-sided outlook. The Philippine Collegian is not mellowing down. It has only come of age. (From “As Radical as Reality" by Gene Lacza Pilapil, published in print in the Collegian’s June 21, 1988 issue)

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